What You Need

Before you contact, there is some information you need to know, and items you will need to successfully navigate the system.


  • A smart phone or video enabled tablet (IPhone, IPAD, Anroid or Blackberry) or a desktop/notebook computer with an internet connection.

  • Access to the Internet through WIFI, or actual Internet connection.

  • A valid state issued driver's license, or valid state issued Photo ID.

  • A valid credit card for payment.


  • is a service company that is committed, not only to getting pain relief prescription medication for you, but to assure that you are able to connect with a licensed dentist in your area, in order to achieve a permanent solution for your pain.
  • In order to help you get relief from your pain, we must, by law, get certain information from you. This information enables us to establish a legal doctor/patient relationship. This may take some time to accomplish, but is absolutely necessary to write a prescription. Furthermore, it is absolutely vital that you answer all questions, especially the health history questions, correctly and honestly, to the best of your knowledge. Failure to do so could put your health and/or life at risk.
  • A patient can only use our site to get prescription pain relief once in any 90 day period.
  • Your name and information may be checked with a National Pharmacies Database, to assure that you are not getting an overdose of medication, or a medication that interferes with other meds that you may already be taking.

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